Primary Connected History

David Weatherly is the author of the Collins Primary Connected History scheme for Years 1- 6 which was published in March 2018

Within this detailed and comprehensive learning and teaching programme primary teachers will find everything they require to provide a modern, relevant and intellectually challenging History curriculum which also makes meaningful and rigorous links to other subjects. In providing such connections across the curriculum we recognise that much cross-curricular topic work in primary schools frequently has a History focus. As a result of this the Connected History programme can be used either to deliver History as a separate subject or as the focus for wide ranging cross-curricular work.

The Connected History programme for Years 1 - 6 is made up of 18 historical enquiries. The programme has been written to ensure coverage of the subject content of the National Curriculum.

Within each enquiry teachers are provided with:

Clear learning objectives;

  • The context of the investigation together with background subject content knowledge about each topic to ensure that they are fully confident to support children in their geographical learning through the enquiry;
  • The key subject vocabulary that will be introduced and/or consolidated during the enquiry;
  • Details of National Curriculum coverage in both History and other subject areas to which the enquiry is connected;
  • Comprehensive learning and teaching activities which are fully explained;
  • Suggested opportunities for assessment during learning activities and at the end of each enquiry;
  • Homework possibilities;
  • A wealth of wide ranging and multimedia resources to support the historical learning of the children through each enquiry.

Full details of the scheme can be found here how it covers the National Curriculum here and a 20% discount on the price of the scheme is available for schools using the order form here